MMIII Album Description

MMIII stands for 2003 in roman numerals. 2003 represents pivotal moments that have had an influence in Tadric Jermaine’s life. From meeting his wife, to his grandparents celebrating 50 years of marriage. Tadric also left his hometown of 19 years to go to college out-of-state, leaving behind close friends, and abandoning relationships that never were.

This album embodies all of those events, relationships, and emotions. MMIII isn’t a smooth jazz album. It’s carefully crafted tapestry. R&B infused with Hip-Hop sounds, mellowed-out instrumentation, mixed with the ingenious dreams of multi-instrumentalist, Tadric Jermaine.

The 11-track debut album features talented newcomers Kayla Waters, Matt Seward II, Simon Pitts Jr., Todd Gholar, Versetyle, Dave Polk, and Steve “Waves” Simpson. An album like no other, Tadric Jermaine’s vital creativity helps him stand out from the pack.

MMIII Album Cover