Unconventional Revenue Streams for Music Producers

## 1. Sonic Branding Consultant

**Business Model:** Music producers can offer their expertise in creating unique sonic identities for brands. This can include everything from designing sound logos, to ambient music for physical stores or online platforms, to notification sounds for apps. This service is highly valuable to companies seeking to enhance their brand's sensory experience and can provide a steady income for producers willing to apply their skills in this innovative way.

## 2. Virtual Concert Organizer

**Business Model:** Leverage your industry connections and technical skills to organize virtual concerts featuring well-known artists or up-and-coming talent. You could charge consumers for access to the concert, and offer exclusive VIP packages with extras like virtual meet-and-greets or exclusive merchandise. This model capitalizes on the growing popularity of online events and the desire for unique experiences.

## 3. Bespoke Music Curator

**Business Model:** Individuals and businesses often require custom playlists for events or venues. Music producers can offer to curate these playlists, charging a fee for the service. This could range from creating the perfect playlist for a wedding, to selecting music to set the mood in a coffee shop or retail store. Producers' knowledge of music and trends makes them well-suited for this role.

## 4. Sound Therapy Practitioner

**Business Model:** With growing interest in wellness and holistic health, sound therapy is gaining popularity. As a music producer, you have the skills to create therapeutic soundscapes that can be sold or streamed. You could also offer live, guided sound therapy sessions (either in-person or virtually), and charge a fee for attendance.

## 5. Educational Content Creator

**Business Model:** Use your knowledge and experience to create educational content about music production. This could take the form of online courses, eBooks, webinars, or YouTube tutorials. Income can be generated through course sales, advertising revenue, sponsorships, or paid subscriptions.

## 6. Interactive Music App Developer

**Business Model:** Collaborate with app developers to create interactive music apps. These could be educational apps teaching music theory or production, or they could be entertainment-focused, like interactive music games. Revenue can come from app sales, in-app purchases, or advertising.

## 7. Custom Sample Pack Creator

**Business Model:** Rather than just selling beats, consider creating and selling custom sample packs. These could be tailored to specific genres, instruments, or moods. You could also offer custom services, creating bespoke sample packs based on client requests.

## 8. Podcast Producer and Editor

**Business Model:** Podcasts are increasingly popular, and many podcasters need assistance with sound quality, editing, and music. Music producers can offer these services, leveraging their audio skills in a growing market. You could charge per episode, or offer subscription packages for ongoing work.

## 9. Licensing Music for NFTs

**Business Model:** The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market is booming, and music producers can get in on the trend by licensing their music for use in NFTs. This could involve creating exclusive music for specific digital art pieces, or offering licenses for existing tracks.

## 10. VR Music Experience Designer

**Business Model:** With the growing popularity of virtual reality (VR), there's a market for immersive music experiences. Music producers can collaborate with VR developers to design these experiences, which could be sold as standalone products or offered as part of a subscription service.

These innovative revenue streams require a blend of creativity, business savvy, and technical skills. By considering these opportunities, music producers can diversify their income and make the most of their unique talents.

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