Many of today’s producers only understand the digital side of music production, but Tadric Jermaine, a.k.a. “TracksAllDay”, co-founder of Ingenious Dreams Media Group, LLC, predated his digital chops by learning music the real way: technically, and on his own.

“I play a lot of different instruments, so my sound is more live-instrument heavy,” Tracks said.

Tracks started his musical career as a child, getting instruments as Christmas and birthday gifts while beginning classical training, and jazz studies in sixth grade. When his lessons shot him ahead of other students in his school’s band class, he would go home and emulate the music he heard on Kenny G and John Coltrane albums. Between lessons and self-training, he eventually became adept at piano, saxophone, bass and guitar. By his teenage years, he was already performing and composing professionally, playing at area churches, wedding receptions, and arranging pieces for bands.

Once he hit college, Tracks began to make the transition from the AKAI MPC, to software like Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, and NI’s Maschine. Tracks graduated from Kentucky State University, where he had earned a music scholarship, and began to study Music Education. After his freshman year at KSU, he changed his major to computer science, a move that would later earn him a job with a Fortune 500 company in Northern Virginia immediately upon graduation.

Financial security wasn’t enough to quell Tracks’ musical bug: he set up a recording space and began freelancing as a studio engineer for area artists. He teamed up with his frat brother, Versetyle, to start their own company, Ingenious Dreams. Also, after years of emulating his mentors, he began to find his own sound, using software to start ideas and adding live instruments to strengthen his productions.

“If my tracks sound like something else I’ve heard on the radio, I’ll erase it because I want to make my own sounds, something that’s different,” Tracks said. “It has MY bass line, it has MY saxophone in the background, and it has my chords.”

The backdrops for his Ingenious Dreams roster carry the nuance of a musician with more than a decade in the business. Tracks said that Ingenious Dreams’ vital creativity helps it stand out from the pack.

-William Ketchum III, Entertainment Reporter at XXL, HipHopDX, COMPLEX, Flint Journal | MLive Media Group, and MTV RapFix.