Recently, I backed up both of my MacBook Pros. For both laptops, I used a combination of USB drives and Cloud Backups.

I actually use two different cloud backup solutions. CloudBerry Backup for Mac and Google Backup and Sync. I love the latter because it copies my files and folders directly to my Google Drive account.

CloudBerry backup is moreso like a Time Machine backup. It does block level backup and the way the files are displayed, it’s just weird. But I guess it works. When I’m looking at the files in my Cloud Bucket, they’re not regular looking files. It requires the CloudBerry backup software to restore and access your files. While the Backup and Sync option keeps the files looking…”regular”.

I can get really technical with my language concerning backups, but do your DuckDuckGos.

If you care about your music collection and/or files, backup to 2 physical hard drives.

CloudBerry Backup Screenshot

At least two of them, if one fails or is stolen. AND backup to a cloud system or service. Set a weekly reminder. I do weekly backups. I’ve lost too many files over the years due to accidentally deleting them, hard drive crashes, etc. Cloud backups are there in case of crashes or theft.

That’s it for now.